Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anorectic Avatars in relation to Christine's work

Anorectic Avatars

In relation to Christine Wilks' URLs -
" Here are some examples of my first forays (made 3 years ago) into the thickness of my avatars (my attempts at or expressions of desire for embodiment) in a particular world, the R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX world:
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biogenoscopic translocation - "

What you're seeing are skins of Julu Twine and environs revealed by the camera's penetrating gaze. There are particles and objects and the avatar hirself; closeup of image and movement reveals only confusion of all of these; environment and avatar tangle, nothing can tell them apart. Epistemologically, they're all digital, all in buzzing confusion.


  1. These skins of Julu Twine are incredibly beautiful. May I add to their confusion and remix them? I sense that rawLorem Ipsum's he and she may want to join the tangle.

  2. Absolutely, and thanks! - Alan (will be on more later)