Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After Assault

After Assault

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being assaulted by a man driving a white SUV who tried to run
us down today on the corner of Fourth Ave and Dean; we reported
to the police but were told the only charge we could make was
"harassment" even though I was kicked and bruised; I was told
"nothing" would come of the charge, it would be filed away,
wouldn't even be cross-referenced if there were another incident.
So was late to the doctor's, in shock, bruised, Azure's crying,
we got there, we waited 45 minutes and I couldn't take any more,
still in shock. So we went to rebook and I waited in line to
rebook and finally cut in saying look I was assaulted, I'm in
shock, we have to leave, the police were called. And was told to
wait my turn. At which point I screamed, kicked the elevator
door; it came, I went in, still kicking, out of my mind. Never
got to see the doctor. Came back shaky. Called some friends. Of
course then recorded with sindhi sarangi,
http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/afterassault1.mp3 nice and calm
and beautiful with the new drone string, then a choppier version
with sarangi, http://espdisk.com/alansondheim/afterassault2.mp3
and did I tell you healthcare sucks in the city, but I'll drone
my way out of it...
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  1. That's terrible, Alan, so sorry to hear about it. I hope you're both feeling much recovered now. I hear the healing of the drone.

    best wishes

  2. The drone definitely helps, it seems to move away, slowly -
    thanks!, Alan - and I hope we can work together again -

  3. Are you participating in the next round? I think it begins (after the summer session with Mark Marino) in October...