Saturday, May 19, 2012

vyrgyn empy avatar

here maybe of interest in the discussion, the wire-frame or disassociated/dismembered avatar production machinery at work...

Alan Sondheim

2:26 AM  -  Limited

vyrgyn under duress mourned under duress
dreamed under duress murmured under duress
vyrgyn and philosophy of vyrgyn
of vyrgyn the love of wisdom
of the love of wisdom, of vyrgyn
"of the love of wisdom, of vyrgyn" -
that is the Comma of Vyrgyn
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  1. These are fascinating. So many strange associations and odd (accidental?) references - e.g. music staves or guitar fret board in the foreground, shades of the funfair, the rickety big dipper, the miniature creature like a foetus, the industrial storage sounds (or climate-controlled warehouse). The way the half-formed avatar is groping around, trying to 'sense' its environment and/or itself makes me think of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's monster - the naivety of the grotesque new[born]formed.

    I'd like to remix this material too (and other stuff you've posted). I'll assume this is ok with you, unless you say otherwise.

  2. it's fine with me to remix, anything; I'd like credit of course but that's all...

    This is from an avatar behaviour program that's incredibly complex and made more so when I feed my bvh files into it.

    - Alan, thanks

  3. Thanks

    bvh? Does that stand for behaviour?

  4. biovision hierarchy files were created by a company I believe went bankrupt; they're the standard ascii (text) files that control avatar behavior in Second Life and elsewhere and are easy to edit. You can use them in Poser or Blender or Maya etc.