Thursday, May 10, 2012


this is the obverse of the other post - Julu Twine instead of Alan Dojoji; Julu is more adept at movement -


she or or he tries to push it away
he or or she pushing against nothing
she or or he sees there's nothing there
he or or she sees there's no air there
she or or he pushes furiously
he or or she pushes amazingly and intensely
she or or he flails and pushes unfailingly
he or or she flies in the face of failing atmosphere
she or or he imagines he or or she on the lunar brightside
he or or she thinks she or or he on the lunar darkside
she or or he believes he or or she has a wonderful story
he or or she hysterically pushes and flails
she or or he cries out in the airless air oh woe is me
he or or she screams i can't believe this is happening
she or or he dances all the way down and up and down
he or or she prances all the way up and down and up
she or or he laughing cryingly goodbye we're having fun
he or or she cries laughingly hello we're working hard
she or or he says hello hello hello
he or or she says goodbye goodbye goodbye

images (somewhat screwed up by the new flickr interface):
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  1. Julu Twine is so beautiful. I'm sure I've seen her or or him or or her dance before - and writing that makes me hear horror hidden within, but the beauty is so dazzling, I ignore the horror in the tora. Besides, is there a hint of melodrama, "in the airless air oh woe is me"? And she or or he is "laughing cryingly..."

    Paradox is so enchanting! Is that dangerous, I wonder? We learn to live with contradictions. But dancing the enigma is surely better than marching the strait and narrow.

  2. Dancing the enigma, absolutely. By the way there's evidence - good evidence - that both chimpanzees and gorillas have dances; the later for rain, the former for warning of fire. There are specific moves carried out. These are dances culturally created, not like bee dances or possibly birds. Birds do dance a lot, though. I'm fascinated that there are other primates doing it, and dance for them seems to have to do with scarcity or danger -